Smart Package Delivery

One Attempt. One Delivery.
One Dashboard. All your Packages.


Pacatch Chatbot

for Messenger

Pacatch Boxmesh

for iOS

Pacatch Boxmesh

for Android

Pacatch Chatbot

Is telling you what is going on with your packages.

Use your address

Just say hello and you will get your personal e-mail address, that you can use for every online order.

Or enter a tracking number

As an alternative you can also just enter a tracking number, that you received from an online store.

And get updated automatically

By having your tracking numbers in my mind, we can keep you updated on the status of your packages.

Pacatch Boxmesh

Is helping you to find somebody, who will catch your packages.

Use the map and reach out

Anyone can be connected with each other and thus support each other.

Get an alternative address

You decide what happens with your packages and who should accept them.

Arrange exchange of your packages

Rely on your network and contacts to pick up your packages next door.

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